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An important factor to practice improvement in the Emergency Department (ED) requires hearing about the care experiences of patients and their family member or carer. Your experience and perspective (whether it be good or bad) is a key aspect to ensuring patient safety and high quality care in all areas of health care. It is important that health care staff are able to learn from your experience to ensure they are providing the best quality of safe health care.

We have a group of experts who look at all the incidents and experiences reported, analyse and group them, then provide feedback to ED doctors via the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine on the types and patterns of experiences reported. This information may be used at conferences, presentations and in research papers, however all information will be de-identified to maintain your anonymity. EMER is purely for the collection of information for quality improvement purposes only so it’s important that you understand what the website does and does not do.

EMER will enable you to:

  • Provide details of your experience in the ED to the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) for further analysis
  • Input the details of the event that you consider caused you concern or harm in some way
  • Provide details in a way that does not identify you, the health care staff or any person involved with your ED experience. You will be prompted to say Dr A or Nurse B instead of using the person’s name.
  • Enter a full report in less than 10 minutes

What EMER does not do:

  • Initiate a formal complaint –
    • no information will be stored in relation to your complaint
    • your information will not initiate a complaint response from the hospital
    • you will receive no letter of receipt or follow-up from the hospital
  • Allow you to access your information after it has been input to EMER as it does not maintain an identifiable record of your experience.

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