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You are currently viewing the Clinician report form. If you are a Consumer, please use the consumer report form to report your incident or compliment by clicking here

Learning from adverse events and near-misses is an important aspect of emergency medicine, particularly due to the challenges inherent in the speciality, including undifferentiated patients, clinical uncertainty, disease evolution/ progression, high risk procedures, overcrowding, and access block. Please refer to Incident Management Guide.

When considering the incident or near-miss, reflect on systemic issues, and how they interface with patient safety in the ED and, where practicable, reflect on opportunities for system improvement.

Your information will be de-identified and analysed in aggregate with other similar incident reports. All reporting will be anonymous and for education purposes/ opportunities for learning only. To assist with this anonymity, please write Dr A or Nurse B instead of using the person’s name and hospital A.

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