In 2014, the expansion of EMER means that all hospitals across Australia and New Zealand are able to use EMER to enter incidents. The EMER team has developed a number of resources to help get EMER into everyday practice. These resources are aimed at helping to identify the role of the 'site champion' (a member of the ED team who will assist in the implementation of EMER in their hospital), supporting site champions with relevant training materials and promoting EMER. As more materials are developed from different settings, they will be added to this web page to demonstrate learnings from the national expansion.

Those interested in becoming a site champion need to register their interest here, and should review the following documents:

Individuals from any Australian or New Zealand hospital can report using EMER. If you are new to EMER or want to find out more, please view the following resources:

The results of the pilot implementation of EMER across a small number of hospitals have been recently published in Emergency Medicine Australasia. The open-access article is available from

For more information about EMER or its expansion to Australian and New Zealand hospitals, please contact [email protected] or phone Australian Patient Safety Foundation on 08 8302 2447.