This information is for health consumers. If you are a health care worker, please visit COVID-19 Pandemic Burst Reporting Period - For Health Care Workers.

What happened when you went to hospital during the pandemic?

Did you go to a hospital emergency department in Australia or New Zealand during the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) would like to hear your story.

We would like to hear from people who were patients, and also their family, carers or advocates who came to hospital with them.

You can tell us your story by reporting an incident into the Emergency Medicine Events Register (EMER), our anonymous incident reporting tool. Click Report an incident below, from 21 May 2020 to 19 August 2020 (extended from 5 July 2020).

We will use your story by putting it together with all the stories we receive, and look for patterns that show what doctors and hospitals could be doing better. Our aim is to publish a report about what we have found, later in 2020.

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What will you do with the information I put in?

First we will check over your report and remove any names or other information that could identify a particular person or hospital. This is to protect everyone’s privacy. After the Reporting Period ends, we will put all the reports together and look for any patterns in them. Our plan is to write a research report about the patterns we found and publish it later in 2020. Depending what we have found, we may write letters to doctors, hospitals or the government, telling them what needs to change.

You can check ACEM COVID-19 – Latest College News to keep up to date on what we are doing.

Will you contact the hospital or doctors involved in my report?

No. Reports in EMER are anonymous, and only used for research and learning purposes.

If you have questions about your experience, or you want to make a complaint, please contact your hospital directly.

What kind of incidents should I report?

You can report anything that happened to you when you tried to get emergency health care at hospital, that you believe was related to the COVID-19 pandemic. You could have come to hospital with COVID-19, or with a completely different condition. You could have delayed coming to hospital because of worrying about COVID-19. We are also interested in hearing about your experiences receiving emergency care by telephone or video call (sometimes called telehealth or telemedicine).

Can I report incidents that happened before the opening date?

Yes, and please do. This will help us see what has happened over the whole course of the pandemic.

What if I report after the end of the reporting period?

We will still receive your report if it is later than the end date, and we will still look at it. However, we may not be able to include it in the data we use to write our research report.

What if I can't remember the date of the incident?

This is absolutely fine. You can give us your best guess, or you can leave the field ‘How recently did your experience occur?’ blank.

What if I can't remember some facts about the incident exactly?

This is absolutely fine. Most of the fields in the form can be left blank. Just tell the story in as much detail as you can.

How can I find out more about EMER?

Please see About the Project.

What else is ACEM doing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

For latest news about ACEM’s COVID-19 response, see ACEM COVID-19 – Latest College News.

For latest general news about COVID-19, please visit the Australian Government website or the New Zealand Ministry of Health website.

What if I have more questions, or I need help?

If you have health questions about COVID-19, or questions about health services that are available to you, please visit the Australian Government website or the New Zealand Ministry of Health website.

If you have questions about EMER or need help using the form, please contact us.

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